sábado, 6 de agosto de 2011

Emperors became silhouettes, didn't they?

.... ha vuelto a pasar... la tipica broma estoica a expensas de la filosofia especulativa epicurea...
Early in the morning, I finished "I, Claudius" by R. Graves (1934) and I have not been be able to wait to write the post about the book.

Even although it is a very personal view of the first steps of the Roman Emperors dynasty, the novel shows interesting aspect, not just about political power but business power, sociological power and even home power as well. Obviously, Livia was not my grandmother and Tiberius is not my boss, but now everything makes a little bit more sense.

After 20 centuries, we still remain governed by instictics, fears and spirit's ghost. Then a young "little soldier's boot" was able to hide madness behind excentricity, feeding to the excesses. Only a broken german barrier, allowed the Praetorian Guards to free the roman people. But again, like a joke, the deafness became emperor. After a whole life dying, Claudius was born.