jueves, 9 de agosto de 2012

Epistemological modesty or our deepest mistery

Compiling dozens of references to the latest researchs, The Social Animal, by David Brooks, includes sparks of knowledge illustrating how much we actually don't know about ourselves.The technology, the progress have put the human monkey in the middle of a challenging society. Surely, the story about how a fast development of technology, end up destroying a society of intelligent human beings, has been wrote by some fiction science writer already.
So, it's true. We are our deepest mystery. Our life, is an emergent system, where the whole is not the sum of the parts. The essence is on the connections.  Our society is a society of mysteries. We dive in a ocean of complexity. Let's illustrate the challenge in the following way: The humans prefers patterns of fractal density of 1.3. Is there any value, in terms of fractal density, of our society as emergent system? Could be this (the distribution around 1.3) a measure of the level of social conflict?
In our painful way to wisdom, it seems to that we have lost all the valid moral / emotional frameworks. Once again, the moral. And once again, how we need moral references to survive. If the genes are our evolutive baggage of millions years; the culture is the acummulated experience of thousand years and the family and the education are the evolutive tools for the contemporary life, then, the moral seems to be the evolutive chain connecting daily experience with the DNA.
The selfish gene survives thanks to the moral.

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