viernes, 24 de mayo de 2013

Book Review: StartUp Nation

Well, the book is very interesting but unfortunately not for their clues or inspiration about startups creation. Instead, it contains interesting details about the history of Israel.

I found very interesting the details about agriculture revolution, where the authors settle the base of the innovation, and social experiences such as the kibbutzs.

Undoubtedly, the foundation of the country was a very risky challenge, solved with agile and entrepreneurial  approach. Nonetheless, there are many others books about this topic and thus, the I missed more about actual entrepreneurship in Israel nowadays.

Attempting to explain historically the development of the entrepreneurship in Israel, the authors introduce uncertainties and at the end, I thought that Israel's miracle could be explained with Black Swan Theory.

I found very interesting, or I would say, also funny, a few stereotypes about Israelites such as chuptzpah, davka or bitzu'ist. But I am not sure if this descriptors are totally replicable.

Therefore if you know about a more rigorous book about innovation and technological transference in Israel, I will more than happy to know it.

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