domingo, 29 de septiembre de 2013

Book review: Economix

Excellent reference for those who like economics and comics.

As all you probably already know, economics is a kind of archaeological science: it is only able to explain the past. And it is for this reason that the book seems to be pretty fair concerning with old economists, being more blurry trying to explain recent economical events.

Thus, I really like it when it presents Adam Smith (who almost nobody has read it), David Ricardo or Karl Marx. And all of this explained with a great sequence of cartoons. Regarding with economic situation currently however, the analysis is more complex.

Obviously everyone seems to agree with the consequences: unemployment, economical depression, personal tragedies and last but not least a tidal wave of debt. A majority of people still agree as well with sources of the current problems but definitely nobody agrees with the strategy to end up with this situation.

In any case, more light about the problem is always welcomed, alternative approaches and point of views are needed and way to inform non technical people is highly recommendable.  

To make it better, the book contains an excellent references list. So this is a great reference.

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