About insomniacs, nightmares and other nightly evils

Disclaimer: This is my personal blog. The opinions stated here are my own, not necessarily those of my company.

With wide experience in R&D+i at Telecommunication and Software Engineering sector, I have been always working developing, transferring and promoting innovative technologies. Also I have been founder in a couple of non fully successful startups. Starting on April 2013, I am glad to be part of Developer Relations team at Google.

From an educational point of view, I have completed a master degree in Computer Science. Nonetheless I have been keeping an eye on continuous education, with additional training courses in project management, ITIL or entrepreneurship. Particularly I am extending my skills on business & management, attending a part time bachelor in Business Administration.

From a career point of view, I have been working in most of the stages of R&D+i, including software development, project management (medium size projects), product definition, marketing and business development at several R&D departments of Telecommunications and Software Engineering industries. I always spent some time as associated professor in a Computer Science School, teaching distributed operating system (Plan9, Inferno, Linux), embedded system & robotic (BrickOS, ROS) and programing (ADA, C, Java, Limbo).

During all this time, I have been focusing in open innovation strategies and planning and deployment of innovation projects, deeply related with Open Source paradigms and technologies, where developer’s communities & 3rd parties play an important role. In particular, last five years I have been designing strategies, aiming university students and SMEs, to engage developers on new technologies.

Geographically, as part of my activities I have been creating partnership with enterprises, big industrial association, developers communities and universities in Spain, Argentina, Colombia, Brazil, Mexico and Chile but also Canada, USA, Europe and Israel.

Finally, I am a greedy reader, part time musician, runner, science fan and Linux Foundation, ACM, IEEE and Computer Society member. Last but not least, in term of biological achievements, I am married (so my selfish genes have won) and my wife and I have released three new versions (one boy and two girls) of a new mixed and refurbished DNA.